Super Silky Polisher

Super Silky Polisher

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Super Silky Polisher

SUPER SILKY POLISHER is uniquely designed Product and highly efficient for raw rice, steamed rice, para boiled rice, boiled rice and also for basmati rice.  

RMPL features

Competitor’s features


Alloy Steel Screw Feeder Cam Roller of EN.19 materail

Mild steel Screw Feeder MS and Casting

Rust proof and long life Less Broken, Heat Resistant, Longer life.

Provision of special high speed blower for cooling


To minimize the broken grains inside the chamber by maintaining temperature.

Provision of SS inlet with pneumatic gate valve

Fabricated MS inlet

To adjust the input material continuously.

Provision of Branded water pump


Uniform and continuous flow of water

Micro Water filter system


Ensures clean water supply for polishing rice.

Provision of 2 SS nozzles

MS nozzles

Rust proof and continuous spray of water

A spl. differential vacuum gauge with butterfly valve.

Vaccum gauge / Mono meter

Air Pressure can be adjusted to pull away bran, prevent choking and control aspiration.

Digital Amps meter with C.T coil

Amps meter

Easy to read from distance. Safety to the motor.

Low Power Consumption

High power required

Low Maintenance

Low Price

High price

Economically price